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Department of Physics

Welcome to the Terahertz Spectroscopy Group at TU Dortmund University!

Some of the most interesting nonlinear interactions of electromagnetic fields with elementary excitations of condensed-matter systems occur on extremely fast time scales of only a few femtoseconds (1 fs = 10-15 s). Our group develops novel methods to generate custom-cut optical pulses with tunable center frequencies and spectral components ranging from 0.1 THz (1 THz = 1012 Hz) to >100 THz, peak amplitudes on the order of up to 1 V/Å, and durations down to the single-cycle limit. Time-domain spectroscopy – an oscilloscope for light – detects these waveforms with subcycle precision, giving access to high-order nonlinearities and coherent subcycle dynamics of complex light-matter interactions from the upper GHz regime up to the near-infrared spectral range. This spectroscopy is complemented by tailor-cut THz resonator structures fabricated by electron-beam lithography, enabling us to craft electromagnetic near fields, and to control custom optical nonlinearities on strongly sub-wavelength scales.
Research highlights of our group include high-harmonics generation, coherent nonlinearities beyond Kohn’s theorem, minimally dissipative all coherent spin switching, deep-strong light-matter coupling in specialized THz resonators, and non-adiabatic subcycle switch-off of deep-strong light-matter coupling.



Mode-multiplexing deep-strong light-matter coupling

Together with the groups of Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber and Prof. Dr. Dominique Bougeard (University of Regensburg), we were able to reach record-breaking,…

Artistic impression of the deep-strong coupling achieved. Rainbow colored spirals on a microstructured surface.

Sculpting ultrastrong light–matter coupling

In close collaboration with the groups of Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber, Prof. Dr. Dominique Bougeard (University of Regensburg), and Prof. Dr. Simone De…

Artistic impression of electromagnetic waves interacting with resonators.

Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship for Joshua Mornhinweg

Congratulations to Joshua Mornhinweg for being awarded the prestigious “Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship” from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation!

Headshot of Joshua Mornhinweg

Vincent Latko and Filippo Velli are awarded with best poster presentation award at TRR 142-3 in Bad Sassendorf

Congratulations to Vincent Latko and Filippo Velli for winning the first prize (shared with Mario Littmann) in the best poster presentation category…

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Joshua Mornhinweg is awarded with best student paper award at IRMMW-THz 2022

Congratulations to Joshua Mornhinweg for winning the best student paper award of the 2022 IRMMW-THz Conference.

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Intersubband Polariton-Polariton Scattering

Together with partners from Germany, France and Italy, we investigated ultrafast scattering dynamics of intersubband mid-infrared polaritons. Our…

Polaritonfeature on wire grid

Tailored Subcycle Nonlinearities of Ultrastrong Light-Matter Coupling

Together with the groups of Rupert Huber, Dominique Bougeard (University of Regensburg), and Cristiano Ciuti (Université de Paris), we explored a…

Antenna structure with incoming wave

Extreme nonlinearities within a quantum cascade laser

Teaming up with partners from Germany, France, UK and Sweden, we observed high-order terahertz nonlinearities in a free-running quantum cascade laser.…


Bleaching the blur

Together with the groups of Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber (Regensburg), Prof. Dr. Miriam S. Vitiello (Pisa) and Prof. Dr. Edmund Linfield (Leeds) we…

New absorber for quantum cascade laser

Behind the veil of nothingness

In close collaboration with the groups of Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber, Prof. Dr. Dominique Bougeard, and with Prof. Dr. Cristiano Ciuti (Université de…

Artistic rendition of the quantum vacuum disturbance

Swiftly switched spins stay cool

Information technology has to be ever faster and more compact. Yet this challenge comes with a price: Performing a task more rapidly costs more…

Artistic impression of a spin on a plane of binary numbers