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Department of Physics
  • J. Mornhinweg, L.K. Diebel, M. Halbhuber, M. Prager, J. Riepl, T. Inzenhofer, D. Bougeard, R. Huber, and C. Lange
    Mode-multiplexing deep-strong light-matter coupling
    Nature communications 15, 1847 (2024)
  • J. Mornhinweg, L.K. Diebel, M. Halbhuber, J. Riepl, E. Cortese, S. De Liberato, D. Bougeard, R. Huber, and C. Lange
    Sculpting ultrastrong light–matter coupling through spatial matter structuring
    Nanophotonics (2023)
  • M. Knorr, J.M. Manceau, J. Mornhinweg, J. Nespolo, G. Biasiol, N.L. Tran, M. Malerba, P. Goulain, X. Lafosse, M. Jeannin, M. Stefinger, I. Carusotto, C. Lange, R. Colombelli, and R. Huber
    Intersubband polariton-polariton scattering in a dispersive microcavity
    Physical Review Letters 128, 247401 (2022)
  • J. Riepl, J. Raab, P. Abajyan, H. Nong, J.R. Freeman, L.H. Li, E.H. Linfield, A.G. Davies, A. Wacker, T. Albes, C. Jirauschek, C. Lange, S.S. Dhillon, and R. Huber
    Field-resolved high-order sub-cycle nonlinearities in a terahertz semiconductor laser
    Nature Light: Science and Applications 10, 246 (2021)
  • J. Mornhinweg, M. Halbhuber, C. Ciuti, D. Bougeard, R. Huber, and C. Lange
    Tailored Subcycle Nonlinearities of Ultrastrong Light-Matter Coupling
    Physical Review Letters 126, 177404 (2021)
  • M. Borsch and C.P. Schmid and L. Weigl and S. Schlauderer and N. Hofmann and C. Lange and J.T. Steiner and S.W. Koch and R. Huber and M. Kira
    Super-resolution lightwave tomography of electronic bands in quantum materials
    Science 370, 1204-1207 (2020)
  • J. Raab, F.P. Mezzapesa, L. Viti, N. Dessmann, L.K. Diebel, L. Li, A.G. Davies, E.H. Linfield, C. Lange, R. Huber, and M.S. Vitiello
    Ultrafast terahertz saturable absorbers using tailored intersubband polaritons
    Nature Communications 11, 4290 (2020)
  • M. Halbhuber, J. Mornhinweg, V. Zeller, C. Ciuti, D. Bougeard, R. Huber, and C. Lange
    Non-adiabatic stripping of a cavity field from electrons in the deep-strong coupling regime
    Nature Photonics 14, 675-679 (2020)
  • F. Dirnberger, D.R. Abujetas, J. König, M. Forsch, T. Koller, I. Gronwald, C. Lange, R. Huber, C. Schüller, T. Korn, J.A. Sánchez-Gil, and D. Bougeard
    Tuning spontaneous emission through waveguide cavity effects in semiconductor nanowires
    Nano Letters 19, 7287 (2019)
  • S. Schlauderer, C. Lange, S. Baierl, T. Ebnet, C.P. Schmid, D.C. Valovcin, A.K. Zvezdin, A.V. Kimel, R.V. Mikhaylovskiy, and R. Huber
    Temporal and spectral fingerprints of minimally dissipative ultrafast spin switching
    Nature 569, 383 (2019)
  • J. Raab, C. Lange, J.L. Boland, I. Laepple, M. Furthmeier, E. Dardanis, N. Dessmann, L. Li, E.H. Linfield, A. G. Davies, M.S. Vitiello, and R. Huber
    Ultrafast two-dimensional field spectroscopy of terahertz intersubband saturable absorbers
    Optics Express 27, 2248 (2019)
  • J. Reimann, S. Schlauderer, C.P. Schmid, F. Langer, S. Baierl, K.A. Kokh, O.E. Tereshchenko, A. Kimura, C. Lange, J. Güdde, U. Höfer, and R. Huber
    Subcycle observation of lightwave-driven Dirac currents in a topological surface band
    Nature 562, 396 (2018)
  • M. Knorr, P. Steinleitner, J. Raab, I. Gronwald, P. Merkl, C. Lange, and R. Huber
    Ultrabroadband etalon-free detection of infrared transients by van-der-Waals contacted sub-10-µm GaSe detectors
    Optics Express 26, 19059 (2018)
  • C. Lange, E. Cancellieri, D. Panna, D.M. Whittaker, M. Steger, D.W. Snoke, L. Pfeiffer,
    K.W. West, and A. Hayat
    Ultrafast control of strong light-matter coupling
    New Journal of Physics 20, 013032 (2018)
  • M. Knorr, J. Raab, M. Tauer, P. Merkl, D. Peller, E. Wittmann, E. Riedle, C. Lange, and R. Huber
    Phase-locked multi-terahertz electric fields exceeding 13 MV/cm at 190 kHz repetition rate
    Optics Letters 42, 4367 (2017)
  • A. Bayer, M. Pozimski, S. Schambeck, D. Schuh, R. Huber, D. Bougeard, and C. Lange,
    Terahertz Light–Matter Interaction beyond Unity Coupling Strength
    Nano Letters 17, 6340 (2017)
  • C. Bäuml, T. Korn, C. Lange, C. Schüller, C. Strunk, and N. Paradiso,
    Polarized surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of suspended carbon nanotubes by Pt-Re nanoantennas
    Physical Review B 96, 035408 (2017)
  • S. Baierl, J.H. Mentink, M. Hohenleutner, L. Braun, T.-M. Do, C. Lange, A. Sell, M. Fiebig, G. Woltersdorf, T. Kampfrath, and R. Huber
    Terahertz-driven nonlinear spin response of antiferromagnetic nickel oxide
    Physical Review Letters 117, 197201 (2016)
  • B. Urbanek, M. Möller, M. Eisele, S. Baierl, D. Kaplan, C. Lange, and R. Huber
    Femtosecond terahertz time-domain spectroscopy at 36 kHz scan rate using an
    acousto-optic delay
    Applied Physics Letters 108, 121101 (2016)
    Cover story of the March 21, 2016 issue
  • T. Maag, A. Bayer, S. Baierl, M. Hohenleutner, T. Korn, C. Schüller, D. Schuh, D. Bougeard, C. Lange, R. Huber, M. Mootz, J.E. Sipe, S.W. Koch, and M. Kira
    Coherent cyclotron motion beyond Kohn’s theorem
    Nature Physics 12, 119 (2016)
  • S. Zanotto, C. Lange, T. Maag, A. Pitanti, V. Miseikis, C. Coletti, R. Degl'Innocenti, L. Baldacci, R. Huber, and A. Tredicucci
    Magneto-optic transmittance modulation observed in a hybrid graphene–split ring resonator terahertz metasurface
    Applied Physics Letters 107, 121104 (2015)
  • N. Paradiso, F. Yaghobian, C. Lange, T. Korn, C. Schüller, R. Huber, and C. Strunk
    Tailored nanoantennas for directional Raman studies of individual carbon nanotubes
    Physical Review B 91, 235449 (2015)
  • C. Lange, T. Maag, M. Hohenleutner, S. Baierl, O. Schubert, E. Edwards, D. Bougeard, G. Woltersdorf, and R. Huber
    Extremely nonperturbative nonlinearities in GaAs driven by atomically strong terahertz fields in gold metamaterials
    Physical Review Letters 113, 227401 (2014)
  • A. Hayat, C. Lange, L.A. Rozema, R. Chang, S. Potnis, H.M. van Driel, A.M. Steinberg, M. Steger, D.W. Snoke, L.N. Pfeiffer, and K.W. West
    Enhanced coherence between condensates formed resonantly at different times
    Optics Express 22, 30559-30570 (2014)
  • C. Drexler, T.V. Shishkanova, C. Lange, S.N. Danilov, D. Weiss, S.D. Ganichev, V.M. Mirsky
    Terahertz split-ring metamaterials as transducers for chemical sensors based on conducting polymers: a feasibility study with sensing of acidic and basic gases using polyaniline chemosensitive layer
    Microchimica Acta 181, 1857 (2014)
  • O. Schubert, M. Hohenleutner, F. Langer, B. Urbanek, C. Lange, U. Huttner, D. Golde, T. Meier, M. Kira, S.W. Koch, and R. Huber
    Sub-cycle control of terahertz high-harmonic generation by dynamical Bloch oscillations
    Nature Photonics 8, 119 (2014)
  • J. Dean, C. Lange, and H.M. van Driel
    Ultrafast surface strain dynamics in MnAs thin films observed with second harmonic generation
    Physical Review B 89, 024102 (2014)
  • A. Hayat, C. Lange, L. A. Rozema, A. Darabi, H.M. van Driel, A.M. Steinberg, B. Nelsen, D.W. Snoke, L.N. Pfeiffer, and K.W. West
    Dynamic Stark Effect in Strongly Coupled Microcavity Exciton Polaritons
    Physical Review Letters 109, 033605 (2012)
  • C. Lange, G. Isella, D. Chrastina, F. Pezzoli, N.S. Köster, R. Woscholski, and S. Chatterjee
    Spin band-gap renormalization and hole spin dynamics in Ge/SiGe quantum wells
    Physical Review B 85, 241303(R) (2012)
  • N. Koukourakis, C. Bückers, D.A. Funke, N.C. Gerhardt, S. Liebich, S. Chatterjee, C. Lange, M. Zimprich, K. Volz, W. Stolz, B. Kunert, S.W. Koch, and M.R. Hofmann
    High room-temperature optical gain in Ga(NAsP)/Si heterostructures
    Applied Physical Letters 100, 092107 (2012)
  • E.J. Loren, J. Rioux, C. Lange, J. E. Sipe, H.M. van Driel, and A.L. Smirl
    Hole spin relaxation and intervalley electron scattering in germanium
    Physical Review B 84, 214307 (2011)
  • S. Liebich, M. Zimprich, A. Beyer, C. Lange, D.J. Franzbach, S. Chatterjee, N. Hossain, S.J. Sweeney, K. Volz, B. Kunert, and W. Stolz
    Laser operation of Ga(NAsP) lattice-matched to (001) Silicon substrate
    Applied Physics Letters 99, 071109 (2011)
  • N.S. Köster, K. Kolata, R. Woscholski, C. Lange, G. Isella, D. Chrastina, H. von Känel, and S. Chatterjee
    Giant dynamical Stark shift in germanium quantum wells
    Applied Physics Letters 98, 161103 (2011)
  • C. Lange, M. Schwalm, B. Metzger, and S. Chatterjee
    Carrier-depletion in the stripe-length method: Consequences for gain measurement
    Journal of  Applied Physics 108, 103119 (2010)
  • M. Schwalm, C. Lange, W. W. Rühle, W. Stolz, K. Volz, and S. Chatterjee
    Characterization of solar cells by photocurrent spectroscopy and current-voltage characteristics with high spatial resolution
    Optics Express 18, Issue 6, 6277-6287 (2010)
  • C. Lange, N. S. Köster, S. Chatterjee, H. Sigg, D. Chrastina, G. Isella, H. von Känel, B. Kunert, and W. Stolz
    Comparison of ultrafast carrier thermalization in GaxIn1−xAs and Ge quantum wells
    Physical Review B 81, 045320 (2010)
  • C. Lange, N. S. Köster, S. Chatterjee, H. Sigg, D. Chrastina, G. Isella, H. von Känel, M. Schäfer, M. Kira, and S.W. Koch
    Ultrafast nonlinear optical response of photoexcited Ge/SiGe quantum wells: Evidence for a femtosecond transient population inversion
    Physical Review B 79, 201306(R) (2009)
    selected for the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science
  • E. Kühn, A. Thränhardt, S.W. Koch, W. Stolz , S. Chatterjee , C. Lange, W.W. Rühle, W. Wohlleben, and M. Motzkus
    Influence of Chirp on the Femtosecond Excitation of a Semiconductor Microcavity Laser
    Applied Physics Letters 92, 011107 (2008)
    selected for the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science
  • C. Lange, M. Schwalm, S. Chatterjee, W.W. Rühle, N. Gerhardt, S. Johnson, J. Wang, and Y.‑H. Zhang
    The Variable Stripe-Length Method Revisited: Improved Analysis
    Applied Physics Letters 91, 191107 (2007)
  • C. Lange, S. Chatterjee, C. Schlichenmaier, A. Thränhardt, S.W. Koch, W.W. Rühle, J. Hader, J. V. Moloney, G. Khitrova, and H. M. Gibbs
    Transient gain spectroscopy of (GaIn)As quantum wells: Experiment and microscopic analysis
    Applied Physics Letters 90, 251102 (2007)
  • S. Chatterjee, W. Wohlleben, C. Lange, W. Stolz, M. Motzkus, and W.W. Rühle
    Optimizing the performance of a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
    Applied Physics Letters 89, 151122 (2006)
    selected for the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science
  • J. Vollmer, A.G. Vegh, C. Lange, and B. Eckhardt
    Vortex formation by active agents as a model for Daphnia swarming
    Physical Review E 73, 061924 (2006)