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Department of Physics

Sculpting ultrastrong light–matter coupling

Artistic impression of electromagnetic waves interacting with resonators. © Joshua Mornhinweg​/​TU Dortmund

In close collaboration with the groups of Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber, Prof. Dr. Dominique Bougeard (University of Regensburg), and Prof. Dr. Simone De Liberato (University of Southampton), we were able to implement a novel strategy to sculpt ultrastrong multi-mode coupling by tailoring the spatial overlap of multiple modes, on subwavelength scales. Similar to the selection rules of classical optics, this allows us to suppress or enhance certain coupling pathways and to control the number of light–matter coupled modes, their octave-spanning frequency spectra, and their response to magnetic tuning. This offers novel pathways for controlling dissipation, tailoring quantum light sources, nonlinearities, correlations as well as entanglement in quantum information processing.

 The results have been published in Nanophotonics.